Save the Internet!

    Save the interweb! Save the interweb! Shout it from the rooftops. Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their internet. <Mass Panic Ensues>

    If you know nothing about Net Neutrality please go read about it at Wikipedia.

    Here is a small clip from YouTube® of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska)'s point of view on Net Neutrality.

    Here is a small clip from YouTube® of the Daily Show Recap of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska)'s point of view on Net Neutrality.

    As Jon Stewart says Sen. Ted Stevens you don't know jack about how computers or the internet works. What makes it even worse is that you and people just as ignorant are writing legislation for the internet.

    You can download an MP3 of Ted Stevens whole speech here. (Right click, Save As)

    In his speech Ted Stevens makes an argument that telcoms are footing the bill for building faster and faster connections. This is false. The cost ultimately falls to current and future customers. Bad business models are bad business models. Let them fail.

    Another argument Ted Stevens makes is that companies like NetFlix® will start using the internet to directly deliver content to their customers. He states that the delivery charge goes from the cost of postage to free. This is false. NetFlix® pays for their bandwidth. The customer pays for their bandwidth. Both party's bills are directly proportional to their usage.

    I pay $50 a month for a 6Mbit down cable connection. If I choose use 100% of my connection I am well within my right to do so. Most ISPs have a Fair Use Policy. If my ISP decides they do not like me using 100% of my connection for a whole month, they will cancel my service. Should they be allowed to sell service they do not intend their customers to use is another topic. Just for the sake of argument lets say I pay for a business connection. $350 a month for 1.5Mbit connection. Now I am allowed to use 100% of my connection without my ISP canceling my service. Notice how as my usage went up so did my bill?